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Jason “The Jet” Terry on BOARDROOM

Last month, Jason Terry, the nineteen-year NBA veteran, head coach for the Denver Nugget’s NBA G League affiliate Grand Rapids Gold, and current Head of Athletic Performance for FlexIt, visited BOARDROOM to discuss the next phase of his career, both on the sidelines, and in business. Terry related how FlexIt workouts compare to his playing days. “FlexIt gives me that same type of feel. Now that I’m not a professional

Working Out While On The Road (Travel and FlexIt)

Establishing a workout regimen, creating a routine, and following a schedule are best practices for reaching personal fitness goals. This can often be challenged by shifting responsibilities day-to-day. Finding the right time and physical space to exercise is a challenge that is especially present when on the road for both work and leisure-related travel. Maintaining a balanced approach is important, and while the concern for finding the opportune time and

Katie Austin joins Just FlexIt™ to Share Her Experience as a Model, Influencer, and Fitness Professional!

Katie Austin is a rising influencer, model, and businesswoman in the fitness and nutrition space. A former Division I lacrosse player for USC, Katie has since been featured as a personality on the TODAY Show, Rachel Ray, On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, and was recently featured as a 2022 rookie on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.  In addition to her fitness and wellness brand, Katie was a Fox Sports West host for two

The FlexIt Story

It all started with a mission: to make fitness accessible to everyone. No obstacles, no difficulty, no excuses. Just a seamless, non-intimidating, and empowering experience. In 2018, we stepped in to break down barriers and foster a healthier world. The concept was simple. Enable users to visit gyms across the country using their phones and only pay for the time they spend working out. No tour, no paperwork, no need to

Establishing a Routine and Setting a Workout Schedule

Scheduling and setting routines enable one to have the ability to practice time management. This is a relatively understood concept within structures like the workforce, but these fundamental principles can extend to one’s personal life and are especially helpful with establishing workout regimens. Intentionality helps improve motivation and sets one up to get the most out of their personal goals.  Defining a structured approach to fitness and wellness establishes efficient