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Kelly Siegel, Founder of Harder Than Life, Joins Just FlexIt™

Are you ready to be motivated, inspired, and equipped with the knowledge to reach new heights in your personal and professional life? Look no further because a brand new episode of the Just FlexIt™ podcast is now LIVE! In this latest installment, we had the privilege of sitting down with Kelly Siegel, a remarkable individual who wears many hats. Kelly Siegel is the CEO of National Technology Management, who’s mission is to make technology easy, accessible, and reliable for businesses of all sizes and sectors. He is also the founder of Harder Than Life, a motivational platform through which he produces a podcast, has published a book, and helps lead people to becoming the best version of themselves. Being the CEO at National Technology Management and the founder of Harder Than Life, Kelly’s journey is nothing short of remarkable, and we’re excited to share his insights with you.

Harder Than Life: 

Kelly’s story begins with a passion for personal development and a desire to make a positive impact on others. His journey in the field of personal growth and self-improvement started with a simple yet profound belief: that everyone has the potential to lead a life that is “harder than life.”

With this belief as his guiding light, Kelly embarked on a mission to create a platform that would help individuals tap into their inner strength, overcome challenges, and reach their full potential. This mission gave birth to “Harder Than Life.”

Harder Than Life is more than just a motivational platform; it’s a community, a source of empowerment, and a movement. It’s a place where individuals come to find the inspiration and motivation they need to push beyond their limitations. Kelly Siegel has turned Harder Than Life into a hub of motivational content that includes a podcast, written materials, and more. Through his platform, he shares his insights and experiences, offering guidance on personal development, goal setting, and the pursuit of excellence. His words resonate with those who seek to lead lives that are, indeed, “harder than life.”

CEO of National Technology Management (NTM): 

In addition to his role as the founder of Harder Than Life, Kelly Siegel is also an accomplished business leader. He serves as the CEO at National Technology Management (NTM), where he leads a team of professionals dedicated to making technology easy, accessible, and reliable for businesses of all sizes and sectors. His expertise in business development and networking has been instrumental in his success. Kelly’s experiences in the business world have also contributed to his insights on personal growth and the importance of motivation. He brings a unique perspective to his motivational content, drawing from the challenges and successes he’s encountered throughout his career.

Kelly Siegel’s journey, from a driven entrepreneur to the founder of a motivational platform that impacts lives, is an inspiration in itself. His ability to blend his experiences in business development with his passion for personal development sets him apart as a true leader. His dedication to helping others become the best versions of themselves is a testament to the power of motivation and the potential for personal growth in every one of us.

This latest episode of the Just FlexIt™ podcast promises to be an enlightening journey into the life and experiences of Kelly Siegel. It’s an opportunity to gain valuable insights, inspiration, and motivation that can help you excel in your personal goals and professional career.

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