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Rashad Jennings Shares His Mindset

Rashad Jennings is an eight-year NFL veteran who defied the odds to not only make the NFL but start in the league. His accomplishments extend far beyond the gridiron. Rashad is an avid hobbyist who religiously adopts a new foreign hobby to learn. These hobbies include dancing, poetry, and archery among others.

Following Rashad’s post-playing career, his professional endeavors extend into media and entertainment, health and wellness, and business. In the latest episode of Just FlexIt™, listeners learn about Rashad’s portfolio of professional engagements and the powerful mindset that enabled him to have a successful career both on and off the field. 

1st & 10: 

🏈 Rashad Jennings played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, and the New York Giants. He totaled 5,241 all-purpose yards and 25 total touchdowns in his career.

🏈  Rashad defied the odds making the NFL. At one point he was a fifth-string running back and had a 0.6 GPA respectively.

🏈 Rashad Jennings is a New York Times Bestselling Author from his book, The IF in Life. 

Host: Austin Cohen (FlexIt Founder & CEO) and Justin Turetsky (Founding Team & COO)

Guest: Rashad Jennings

Producer: Eddie Sanchez

Check out the full episode with Rashad Jennings below! 

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