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JJ Creegan, Orangetheory SVP, joins Just FlexIt™

JJ Creegan is a veteran in the fitness and wellness industry. After 18+ years with Youfit Health Clubs, growing the chain from one club to over 100, Creegan joined Orangetheory as the Senior Vice President of Operations. JJ is good friends with FlexIt CEO Austin Cohen and joined the podcast to discuss his experience transitioning from a fitness club to Orangetheory Fitness, a leader in group personal training. 

Three Reps

🏋️ JJ has over twenty-two years of experience working within the fitness industry! 

🏋️ JJ sold his first gym membership at one of the original Planet Fitness locations in South Florida when he was fourteen years old.

🏋️ His inspiration stems from being diagnosed with scoliosis when he was eleven years of age. 

Host: Austin Cohen (FlexIt Founder & CEO)

Guest: JJ Creegan

Producer: Eddie Sanchez 

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