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Dressing for Success in Fitness

Making the active choice to work out is a big move. At times this may seem like a tough decision, but there are methods one can take to enter a workout with the mindset necessary to maximize the benefits. Dressing for a successful workout will not only boost morale but also brings a sense of comfort. This relaxed edge will enable a positive experience, by saving brain power for proper form and variance. Dressing properly will also lower the risk of injury, which should not be taken lightly.

Here are tips on how to dress for success for common training modalities.


  • Flexible attire is key! Stay away from loose-fitting clothing. 
  • Stay away from shorts. Shorts may restrict personal comfort with poses. 
  • Air-wick clothing to soak up the sweat!


  • Sports bras or performance tees for women, and performance tees for men. Each will provide breathable comfort. 
  • Running tights or properly fitting athletic shorts. Avoid loose-fitting clothing. 
  • Performance athletic socks to properly protect your feet from sweat. 
  • Running and workout sneakers are a must to protect your feet and ankles.


  • Sports bras or performance tees for women, and performance tees for men.
  • Knee-length shorts or compression pants. 
  • Cross-training shoes for success in a breadth of workouts. 


  • Compression attire to enable versatile movements.
  • Air-wick or similar performance tees to remain breathable. 
  • Knee-length shorts or compression pants. 
  • Running or cross-training sneakers fit the individual’s foot. 

Remember, dressing for success in fitness is key to maintaining a positive mindset throughout those testing situations. Safety also should remain top of mind when choosing respective attire choices. The next step is finding those workouts! 

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