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Working Out While On The Road (Travel and FlexIt)

Establishing a workout regimen, creating a routine, and following a schedule are best practices for reaching personal fitness goals. This can often be challenged by shifting responsibilities day-to-day. Finding the right time and physical space to exercise is a challenge that is especially present when on the road for both work and leisure-related travel.

Maintaining a balanced approach is important, and while the concern for finding the opportune time and space to workout is top of mind, maintaining proper mechanics and recognizing necessary adjustments can be equally difficult to define as well. Even the most seasoned in the fitness community may be challenged when outside of their respective element.

FlexIt’s Virtual Personal Training platform eliminates this concern, by facilitating live, on-demand, 1-on-1 personal training sessions with elite certified fitness and wellness professionals. FlexIt users can create the most comfortable space for themselves, so fitness can be accessible Wherever, Whenever®. Clients can book and take sessions directly on FlexIt’s website or app with custom features designed and optimized for personal training.

Learn more about FlexIt’s VPT platform today!

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