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Jason “The Jet” Terry on BOARDROOM

Last month, Jason Terry, the nineteen-year NBA veteran, head coach for the Denver Nugget’s NBA G League affiliate Grand Rapids Gold, and current Head of Athletic Performance for FlexIt, visited BOARDROOM to discuss the next phase of his career, both on the sidelines, and in business.

Terry related how FlexIt workouts compare to his playing days. “FlexIt gives me that same type of feel. Now that I’m not a professional athlete anymore, I don’t have the guy that is waiting for me hand-and-foot to work me out, train me, and motivate me — but I do have the FlexIt platform where I can get that same type of personal, intimate relationship, someone that I can speak to that understands my needs, that understands my time is valuable and that understands wherever, whenever I can get my physical fitness in by using the platform.”

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