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Taylor COO, Bryan Harris, Joins Just FlexIt™

Bryan Harris is a marketing and communications lifer. His tenure with Taylor began in 1989, and he continues to lead effectively as COO and Managing Partner. Taylor is a fully integrated agency of creative thinkers that specializes in brand building through public relations and communication services. Bryan manages agency marketing initiatives and plays a pivotal role in business development.

In the latest episode of Just FlexIt™, Bryan details his impact at Taylor and provides insight into the world of partnerships and brand building. Taylor has long been known to specialize in sports partnerships, and Bryan shares how this segment has evolved over the years, among other exciting topics.

On Schedule:

💼 Prior to his four-decade-plus long career in the marketing communications industry, Bryan graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania

💼 Bryan conducts ongoing consultative and philanthropic efforts for both the Penn Museum and Penn’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

💼 On behalf of Taylor, he has also been active with the March of Dimes New York Chapter for almost 30 years

Host: Justin Turetsky (Founding Team & COO)

Guest: Bryan Harris

Producer: Eddie Sanchez

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