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Bruce Smith, Founder and CEO of Hydrow Joins Just FlexIt™

Today, we have an extraordinary treat for you in the world of wellness and innovation. In this riveting episode of Just FlexIt™, we delve into the captivating journey of Bruce Smith, a lifelong entrepreneur, esteemed U.S. National Team Rowing Coach, and the ingenious Founder & CEO of Hydrow, the Live Outdoor Reality rower that’s revolutionizing the fitness landscape. A Visionary’s Quest: A Connection through Rowing If there’s one thing that

Taylor COO, Bryan Harris, Joins Just FlexIt™

Bryan Harris is a marketing and communications lifer. His tenure with Taylor began in 1989, and he continues to lead effectively as COO and Managing Partner. Taylor is a fully integrated agency of creative thinkers that specializes in brand building through public relations and communication services. Bryan manages agency marketing initiatives and plays a pivotal role in business development. In the latest episode of Just FlexIt™, Bryan details his impact

Jason ‘The Jet’ Terry, FlexIt’s Head of Athletic Performance, Joins Just FlexIt™

The mindset of a champion is flexible and strong. Jason ‘The Jet’ Terry is a nineteen-year NBA veteran and current head coach of the Denver Nuggets G League affiliate, the Grand Rapids Gold. He boasts a championship pedigree as a key contributor for both the University of Arizona’s 1997 NCAA Men’s Basketball team and the 2011 Dallas Mavericks squad that defeated the first rendition of the Miami Heat’s Big Three.