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FLEX Your Mental Health

Self-care is a hot-button topic that continues to gain steam, and supporting one’s mental health is a supremely important overarching theme. Considering that bettering one’s mental health is a broad spectrum, it’s beneficial to seek opportunities that can check multiple boxes.

The benefits associated with physical fitness are closely related to improved mental health and wellbeing. Common high-level benefits include: boosting one’s mood, improvements in sleeping patterns, and general support with depression, anxiety, and stress. A recent study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that high interval workouts similar to 15 minutes of daily running, or a less intense hour of fitness similar to walking reduces the risk of major depression by 26%.

Exercise relieves tension and stress by the release of endorphins. In addition to relieving tightness and the cycle of stress, this release also stimulates the growth of new brain cells. The relief of stress can be optimized by focusing on one’s breath, the steps of an exercise, or other specific movements associated with a workout. By channeling one’s thoughts, the brain can focus more clearly and relieve stress-related physical ailments like headaches, tightness, and shortness of breath. Even moderate exertion is great for most people.

FlexIt’s Virtual Personal Trainers can create optimal plans based on individual goals. Don’t know where to start? FlexIt’s Trainers can identify what one enjoys doing, mutually set reasonable goals, and create an enjoyable environment rather than creating another chore for one’s to-do list.

VPT can channel your energy effectively and efficiently to create safe and targeted expectations. 

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