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Hall of Famer Terrell Owens speaks with The Bachelorette’s Dale Moss on Just FlexIt™

Terrell Owens sits for an interview in Just FlexIt Episode 3

FlexIt hosted a pre-Super Bowl event in Los Angeles, leading up to Super Bowl XLI, and Dale Moss represented FlexIt to the fullest capacity in a personal interview he conducted with the great Hall of Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Dale Moss is a former NFL athlete, Ambassador for the Special Olympics, and season 16 winner of The Bachelorette. He spoke with the T.O. to learn about his career, his life in regards to physical fitness, and more! 

Both of these men are elite athletes, and proud supporters and members of the FlexIt community. Check out Terrell Owen’s famed first sizzle with FlexIt!

1st & 10: 

🏈 Terrell Owens earned First-Team All-Pro honors in the NFL five times in his famed career!

🏈  Although Terrell Owens is third all-time in receiving touchdowns, the wide receiver also added three additional rushing touchdowns to his career total, as well as one first down through the air!

🏈 Dale Moss’ inspiration for proudly serving as a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics stems from his older sister who has an intellectual and physical disability. 

Inside this Episode:
1:00 – Intro with Justin Turetsky and Austin Cohen
1:25 – Dale Moss intro with Terrell Owens
2:00 – Terrell Owens on playing 6A high school baseball, track and field, basketball and football in Alexander City, Alabama
4:45 – T.O. talks about the benefits of playing multiple sports
5:15 – The evolution of training from his school days
6:30 – The important of guidance and coaching
9:30 – Dealing with and avoiding injuries
13:00 – Desire, dedication & discipline, you need all three
17:00 – T.O. comeback and Fan Controlled Football
18:30 – Benefits of FlexIt and the advantages of versatility
20:20 – Quality over quantity, make your workout minutes count
22:00 – I wasn’t born great. You have to work at it.

Austin Cohen: Hey everyone. We have a very special edition of Just FlexIt. I’m Austin Cohen, founder, and CEO of FlexIt.

Justin Turetsky: And I’m Justin Turetsky, COO, and founding team at FlexIt.

Austin Cohen: Justin, why don’t you tell everyone what we’re going to listen in on today’s episode?

Justin Turetsky: Absolutely. Who’s ready for some football. Dale Moss, former NFL athlete in season 16, winner of the bachelorette represented FlexIt when he sat down with NFL great Terrell Owens, former Eagle at an event we hosted out LA for the super bowl. To, of course, is a hall of fame wide receiver. He’s third, all-time in both careers receiving yards and receiving touchdowns, and he’s a super cool guy and is a longtime supporter and friend of FlexIt. And he has the famed first sizzle that FlexIt’s ever done with a pro-athlete where he says he gets that same outcome in half the time

Austin Cohen: In this special edition episode of just FlexIt, you’ll hear a discussion about T.O.’s fitness journey, his NFL career, and how FlexIt’s making the resources that we’ve got to help people to get ahead. So, let’s dive in and make sure to stay tuned for a special offer at the very end of the episode.

Dale Moss: Hey, what’s up everybody. It’s Dale Moss, former NFL athlete, entertainment host, and I’m excited to be sitting here with T.O.

Terrell Owens: And what’s up everybody. This is Terrell Owens, as you heard To, but hall of Famer and a close friend of the FlexIt community.

Dale Moss: Yeah. So, T.O. obviously one of the greatest receivers, in the history of the NFL, but before we talk about pro sports, we got to take it back to college, right?

Terrell Owens: Right.

Dale Moss: You know, you were a multi-sport athlete in college, and most people they’ll only play one sport. What was the reason for you taking on such a load and playing multiple sports in college?

Terrell Owens: Well, I’ll take it a little bit further than that. I’ll take it to high school.

Dale Moss: Oh, going back.

Terrell Owens: Right. Going, I mean, growing up in Alexander City, Alabama, just the south in general, you think about really the kids that grew up in the south I mean, we eat, drink, breathe, football and sports, and so I was just like any kid growing up in a rural town, small town at that, a lot of kids in the neighborhood. I went to a relatively big school. We were 6A but you know, small city. But to your point, I played obviously football. I played basketball, ran track and I played baseball.

Dale Moss: Okay. The baseball’s one, I didn’t know.

Terrell Owens: Yeah. And if you think about it, of all those sports, at least three of them, anyway, all those sports are the hand-eye coordinated type of sports. And I think that’s where, again, you have the benefit of playing a different sport and on top of that, you are using other and different muscle groups. And I think that’s, what’s so great about the FlexIt community and the exercises that it provides the FlexIt training.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: Because it allows you to do a number of different body movements and you get a lot out of it.

Dale Moss: That’s one thing as an athlete, right? Versatility is so important. And I think the way of thinking that you have to do one thing or play one sport for your entire life, is an ancient way of thinking. Right? And this is a Testament. So, I’m curious how playing all these sports, not only, you know, in your youth, but especially at a higher level in college helped you as an NFL wide receiver.

Terrell Owens: Well, I mean, I think know we’re both here with FlexIt and the training and what it provides. You said it too, just the versatility…

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: Of what the training provides. I mean, when you think about playing a receiver position, and you think about the sports that I played, mainly basketball, you think about changing your direction.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: As I mentioned earlier you talk about hand, eye coordination jumping, those are some of the things that obviously helped me transition to doing some of the things that I did as a receiver.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: At the pro level, not just the collegiate level, but at the pro level. You got to be on top of your game. You’re considered at this point some, one of the best athletes, across the country.

Dale Moss: Yeah. Or even in the world.

Terrell Owens: Right. For example. Yeah, exactly. I mean, now, I mean, I’m in the hall of fame, so again yeah. I’ve been mentioned in the same breaths as some of the greatest in the world, but in high school or even in college, that was nothing that I even fathom.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: You know what I mean? Because I never thought I would play beyond the collegiate level. But again, a lot of parents that we talked earlier about, you know, ask me should my kids play, you know, just one sport, should they play multiple? Yeah. I think a lot of coaches will agree that most of their talented players have played multiple sports.

Dale Moss: Yeah. Well, you talk about even basketball, right? There’s one thing you could do it’s going up and get a ball but you think about the advancement in training, right? Stepping into the NFL and your professional now, how did the training change from college to the NFL?

Terrell Owens: Well, you know, I mean obviously everything has evolved. I mean, I think even as a person, I mean, when you grow up, you mature, you start to kind of do things and think things through differently. It’s no different than, your practice habits, your training habits even with you think about FlexIt training.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: That has evolved based on things that didn’t work back in the day you know I mean, to make things a little bit more efficient, a little bit more flexible with your time.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: And when you think about all the things that now we do to enhance our abilities that’s what I tried to do, to really enhance my ability as a receiver because I wasn’t that good coming out of high school really wasn’t that great coming out of college, but I mean, yeah, college, but I was drafted on potential and expectations seeing that my physical attributes could possibly help an organization and pay me millions of dollars to do so. So, in order to enhance and build on that, I had to take care of my body. Not only just that, the training part of it, but the nutrition factored into the trajectory of my career as well.

Dale Moss: Yeah. Well, in guidance, right? Coaching mentorship is such a major thing, and I know that’s something that I look for each and every day, even though I’ve been done playing sports for a long time, what was it like to have someone like Jerry Rice mentor you and guide you early on as you stepped into the professional space?

Terrell Owens: Well, before I get to Jerry Rice, I mean, I have to talk about my position coaches, the two individual coaches that I had…

Dale Moss: Work with you each and every day.

Terrell Owens: Right. You know, Larry Kirksey who coached me, I played eight years in San Francisco so my first three years I had Larry Kirksey who coached and talked, those guys like John Taylor.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: Jerry Rice, you know, Nate Singleton, all these guys. And then prior to that when I got into the league, you think about guys that enhanced my abilities, not only just in the weight room, but I became very knowledgeable about the body. I acquired a personal trainer and that’s what I said, in high school, in college you lift for the main muscle groups.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: You know what I mean? You curl you girls

Dale Moss: And you do what you told, right?

Terrell Owens: Yeah, you can do curls for the girls, you do the squat, you do the leg press, you know, the incline things of that nature. But then it is not until you really get into the realm of professional sports where there’s a lot at stake and then injuries happen. And then that’s when you really start to get in tune with your body because now when you have injuries, what happens? You have to rehab; you know what I mean? Not only with just lifting weights, you can lift full or five days, seven days a week, but that can work to your disadvantage sometimes because the more you lift, you have to rest and recover at the same time. So, sometimes, as I said, it’s all about a mindset, but you said it is guidance. I had the right people around me at the right time to guide me and teach me how to lift weights doing position-specific workouts that tailored to me being a receiver not like I said, I, I was lifting like in high school with what the coach, the strength coach told us to do.

Dale Moss: Yeah, and training’s not a one size fits all…

Terrell Owens: All types of…

Dale Moss: That’s something I went through in college, as well…

Terrell Owens: We all, we think about it when we in junior high, high school-college, we did the same thing.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: We all did the same workout based on what you could lift.

Dale Moss: Literally.

Terrell Owens: You know I mean; it was your lift; you get a kind of a roadmap or blueprint of what you can do and then you max out.

Dale Moss: Yep. Yeah.

Terrell Owens: You know what I mean? That was it. That was the thing max out.

Dale Moss: The max, I don’t even know if people do max…

Terrell Owens: Max out. That was it.

Dale Moss: Yeah, it’s different for sure. In the recovery aspect, right?

Terrell Owens: Right.

Dale Moss: Especially at the professional level. I mean, if you’re not on the field, the name of the game is to keep people on the field. What was one of the most difficult injuries that you had to work through and also, so what was the recovery like going through that phase?

Terrell Owens: Early on in my career, I would have to say my last year in San Francisco, I dealt with a lot of growing issues, adductors. I really didn’t know that anatomy, that part of the body I had osteodiscitis where, for me, with my gate again, over time, just how I was running, I had core issues, you know what I mean? And so, I started to strain my growing, my adductors, and all that affected the way that I ran. And so, I had to, obviously, like I said, in order to prevent this from, you know, happening down the road I had to strengthen my core. Not only just my core, but I also had to understand like, you know, glute activation.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: There’s a kinetic chain from down from your feet all the way.

Dale Moss: It’s somewhere here it’s affecting over here.

Terrell Owens: Right. And it’s just like a chain link. If one link is off, it’s going to affect everything.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: And so, like I said, my center of gravity and what I did as a receiver, the change, the stop and go, the change of direction, the transitioning of in and out of routes. And just the way that I worked, I worked so hard. I, you know, a lot of injuries, soft tissue injuries come too, because we don’t hydrate enough.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: You know what I mean? Hydration and nutrition that’s key.

Dale Moss: Everything matters, and it’s like the simplest thing.

Terrell Owens: I know. I know we only have a short period of time to try to get all this in, but all of this matters as you said. And so, at that point in time, that was the most excruciating injury that I sustained because I ended up having to have surgery, at one point after my second year in the league, due to the growing issues. And then, you know, toward my seventh or eighth year, in San Francisco, it flared up again.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: And I didn’t want to go through that. So, then a friend of my who’s, the head trainer for the Los Angeles Clipper, Jason Powell, I reached out to him and I said, yo, I’m having issues. I’m still having these issues. What can I do? He introduced me to a guy that obviously like I said, went to the off-season and I started to target things to help benefit and alleviate some of the issues that I was having. And so, with FlexIt training, that’s pretty much essentially what I was doing. I wanted to try to work smarter, not harder.

Dale Moss: Hey, that’s something I say all the time, especially as I get older, but you realize sometimes the adverse effect that you’re having on your body with the way that you’re overtraining and overdoing these things, you know?

Terrell Owens: Right. And with the FlexIt training, obviously, you can do it very virtually. Again, you talked about guidance, you have someone on the other end, that’s experienced someone like yourself.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell: We can educate them through experience I can help educate you. I can guide you through these workouts and then not long workouts, but you’re going to benefit, you know, over time. And so, I think that’s, you know, there are workouts for high school, collegiate kids. I mean, if you’re professional. And then if you’re a mom, if you’re a doctor, lawyer, fireman, whatever, if you want to get in a quick workout, this is where FlexIt training is so beneficial, because like I said, it doesn’t take up hours and hours of your schedule.

Dale Moss: You know, accessibility, you know, we’ll talk about that. And we were talking offset a little bit. I know when I was growing up, I loved to play and compete, but like, if we, like, we couldn’t afford or even have access to these types of tools, and we’ve come so far with the ability to have virtual training, what advice would you give to any of the youth, or anyone who’s just trying to use fitness, as a tool to really help change their life?

Terrell: I think for me, I think now I sit here as a Hall of Famer, and honestly, I had no idea that I would be attaching that to my name.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: But I thought about it the first time that I was nominated for the hall of fame, and we’ve talked about sort of like my humble beginnings, you know, from a small, small town, small school making it to the big time. And, when I thought about how I got to that point, I always tell people when I speak on my, what I think of my three pillars of success.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: And they start with three DS that’s desire, dedication, and discipline.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: And of, although that there’s a mindset, again, in trying to achieve something, you have to map out something, you got to plan it out in your mind, you can see what you want to become, but that’s the desire you have that desire to be or do something.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: Whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, just maintaining whatever the…

Dale Moss: Or just feel better. Right?

Terrell Owens: Right. Whatever your wellness, fitness, and wellness goals are, but you have to dedicate yourself to that, whatever it may be. And then discipline is probably the most important one, you know, for athletes, you know, I speak on it in terms of athletes and athletics and sports is because when you think of all the sports that we witness, there’s a lot of good athletes in those sports. But there’s only a handful of great athletes in those sports.

Dale Moss: This was a great one right here.

Terrell Owens: And there’s something that separates the good and the great.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: And that’s that last D is discipline.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: And so that’s what you have to have. I mean, you can say you’re going to do it all day. You can think it all day, but you have to apply what you are actually thinking and wanting to do on an everyday basis. So, if you got the desire you have to dedicate yourself to whatever that plan is and some wanted to support and help you through that. But discipline is what going to get you to your ultimate goal.

Dale Moss: Yeah. You know, in talking about discipline, right. Have achieved the top accomplishments in sports played in super bowls, the hall of fame, and filled stadiums all over the country, now what is your driving force and motivation and the discipline that keeps you working so hard now for your health?

Terrell Owens: I mean, I always want to challenge myself. I mean, I like to look good, you know what I mean? You got it on your shirt FlexIt, at some point you want to flex, you know what I mean?

Dale Moss: Facts.

Terrell Owens: So, at the end of the day you got the desired dedication, discipline. If you do all of that, you going to put yourself in a position to FlexIt. Do you know what I mean?

Dale Moss: Yeah, hundred percent.

Terrell Owens: So, that’s my goal, man. And now like, I mean, I’ve been out of the game for a number of years and people see me and they kind of size me up and they’ve seen other guys that been out of the league as long as I have, and they don’t look the same. I still look the same.

Dale Moss: Yeah. They’re like, oh, I wonder if I could, you know, beat T.O. in a race or something?

Terrell Owens: Like, yo, they’re…

Dale Moss: You be like, you can’t touch this don’t even try.

Terrell Owens: Right. How do you still look that way? And again, bro, everything starts with the mindset.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: And honestly, I think some people they have, even with sports, they have that natural ability, they’re drafted off potential, expectations.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: And some live up to it and some don’t.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: And some turn that corner and some grind it out. I would, again, I… you know, coming out of high school I guarantee you there, none of my coaches that can sit here and look you in your face and, and say that they thought that Terrell Owens was going to go to the NFL. And not only just go to the NFL, but be a hall of fame player considering…

Dale Moss: And change the receiving position forever.

Terrell Owens: I mean, I don’t know if I changed it, but you know…

Dale Moss: I mean, think about all the other athletes that came after you and like watching you, I mean, I remember watching you at San Francisco and everything and just, or at least being at the front lines of really redefining kind of the way a receiver plays football.

Terrell Owens: Right.

Dale Moss: You know, and that’s impressive, man.

Terrell Owens: I appreciate it.

Dale Moss: That’s really impressive. And it’s undeniable, even you talk about like the dedication and the work and the focus, even after the fact to the, or who knows, is there a comeback or anything coming?

Terrell Owens: I mean, honestly, dude, I’ve been training if something were to come up if there’s a right situation.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: This past season, I did have an owner that ran across me in a restaurant he saw the physical shape of me how I looked physically.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: And, you know, he asked me to stay in shape. He was like, yo, there may be an opportunity.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: And you know, he didn’t think I was serious I didn’t know if he was serious or not. But then like I said, we ended up getting on a call and I ended up talking to the GM and the coach and, you know, they asked me, what did I want to do? And so, at this point in my career, like I said, I know I’m not in the best physical go cardio shape.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: To go out and play a game yeah everybody like, oh, what do you mean? Physically yeah, I look, I can go out and play. But I know wholeheartedly and realistically I have to be endurance in the cardiovascular shape to go out there and produce. But considering like the right situation, there’s a team that understands where I am in age to basically manage, you know, my workload I can go in play third down red zone. So, yeah, I mean, if anybody can do it, honestly, I feel no doubt I can do it, and I’m a flex on them.

Dale Moss: Yeah, Flex on it.

Terrell Owens: Flex It.

Dale Moss: It’s apparent that you just love the game. You know, you love working hard and you love working towards things.

Terrell Owens: I like competing, man. That’s what it’s about. I mean, even with the workouts, the virtual workouts, I mean, they can be tailored to what you do and what you want to accomplish, and that’s what I like about the workouts. And like I said you have someone on the other end that can get guide you through it.

Dale Moss: A hundred percent. So, even now, right? Like FlexIts mission is to make fitness and wellness more accessible to everyone.

Terrell Owens: Right.

Dale Moss: In your day-to-day crazy schedule travels, like how valuable is that to know that you can just have someone at the drop of a dime or just wherever you’re apt to really work with you at any time or really any place.

Terrell Owens: I mean, just like the internet access is key, you know what I mean?

Dale Moss: Yeah, for real.

Terrell Owens: You know what I mean? If you got access to something and it’s at your fingertips, then why not? Why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? And so, I think that’s, what’s so unique about this platform, the program that could be tailored to your specific needs of fitness and wellness. I mean, it’s amazing, especially if you travel a lot, if you work a lot, you don’t have, you know, hours to drive to a gym, and now you got to go to a garage, you got to do all this. You got to, you know,

Dale Moss: And the time in between, that’s like the most, the biggest deterrent for most people, you know?

Terrell Owens: Right. It’s so time-consuming, just think about the time that you leave your house, you got to leave, get in the garage, get in your car, get in traffic. And there’s no telling what may happen between the house and your destination. And you got to check-in, do all this other stuff, scan, you know, get to where… by this time you could have already been done with your workout.

Dale Moss: Oh, a hundred percent. Like you’re done so… and I’ve gotten to a point, it doesn’t have to be the longest, but as long as I get something in.

Terrell Owens: Quality over quantity.

Dale Moss: Yeah. For sure I agree with that. And you know, I’ve started using the platform a lot lately and I was blown away by some of the coaches and the trainers that are on it especially after being around some of the top people in the health and wellness space and some of the best coaches…

Terrell Owens: I mean, dude, I did the workout. I was talking to a stranger. I didn’t really know who he was, you know what I mean? We had, you know, given me some background on who he was, but I’m literally, I worked out with a guy, was he in New York somewhere? Like he was…

Dale Moss: Oh yeah. Was it Ebenezer?

Terrell Owens: Yeah. I’m like, I never…

Dale Moss: Ebenezer is the realist.

Terrell Owens: Met him in my life. And had me through like a good 30, 40-minute workout, and it felt like I was, had done a two-hour workout. I mean, because everything was tailored. It was methodical. It was well thought out and again like I said, it’s quality over quantity, you know what I mean? And sometimes, you know, a lot of people get obsessed with the idea of just telling somebody that they’ve been in the gym two, three hours. That doesn’t…

Dale Moss: Like you said there texted the whole time.

Terrell Owens: It doesn’t impress me. And then too, I’m a visual person I’m going to assess, and I’m going to hear what you’re saying and then I’m going to look at your body. I’m like, okay. Yeah, I can tell if you’ve really been doing something in the gym, those two to three hours.

Dale Moss: Facts. Well, you know, again, it’s been awesome just to sit here and get your perspective to learn from you, you know? And I wish you nothing but the best, and I picked up some things now.

Terrell Owens: Absolutely.

Dale Moss: I think it’s always good just to be able to share the message of, you know, what pushes us, what drives us, and how fitness plays such a major role in that, you know.

Terrell Owens: And I understand too, the platform that I share obviously with FlexIt, giving me the opportunity to really share my story because that’s what I want to do because a lot of people think that I was born great. The things that they’ve seen me achieve, they thought it just had happened naturally.

Dale Moss: Yeah.

Terrell Owens: We’re all gifted with that DNA, there’s something in us to be great. But you have to tap into it. And so again, platforms like FlexIt it gives you the opportunity to really enhance and build on what your fitness or wellness goals are. And I don’t want anybody to think that, okay yeah, I just woke up and became this hall of fame white receiver…

Dale Moss: You put in that workman.

Terrell Owens: Yeah. There was a lot of work that took place. And me personally, like I said, it’s a mindset.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: You know, and its athletics and fitness it’s not for everybody and it’s going to challenge you. And I think even with FlexIt just the trainers that are on the other end, they’re going to challenge you. The workout is going to challenge you. And I challenge you, all that are listening to don’t give in. Don’t succumb to, just when it gets hard, you want to give up. And so that was my case I never wanted to give up. I saw the peers, everybody around me. I saw that they were better than I was. I was a realist. I had to understand that I wasn’t as good or as great as I want it to be.

Dale Moss: Yep.

Terrell Owens: But I put in that work.

Dale Moss: Yeah. And you know, it never hurts when you have a little guidance or someone to hold you accountable. So, no doubt. Yeah, man. Well, I know you got a busy week. I wish you nothing but the best bro.

Terrell Owens: I appreciate it…

Dale Moss: And I’m looking forward to following the journey, you know, moving forward.

Terrell Owens: All right. Don’t be surprised if I end up back on that field. Trust me, don’t be surprised.

Dale Moss: Facts.

Austin Cohen: What a great conversation from one athlete to another, especially from two men who are huge supporters of the FlexIt community.

Justin Turetsky: Exactly. Dale Moss is one of the faces of FlexIt’s well and fit partnership with a boutique hotel chain, Arlo hotels. Guests at Arlo can access a library of FlexIt content featuring elite professionals like Dale Moss directly from their hotel rooms. Regarding the second man, in addition to this interview hall of Famer, Terrell Owens has worked with Ebony Samuel FlexIt’s head of training innovation and FlexIt pro trainer. As many of you know, from our famous sizzle T.O. said, you can get that same outcome and the same results on virtual, personal training in half the time. And he also says he takes his virtual personal training seriously, which he does.

Austin Cohen: And speaking of FlexIt at pro, Justin, why don’t you inform our listeners about our upcoming giveaway

Justin Turetsky: Listeners, follow the instructions carefully for a chance to win a free FlexItPRO session. Leading up to the next episode, follow the following Instagram accounts, FlexIt underscore fitness [FlexIt_fitness], Austin underscore FlexIt [Austin_FlexIt], and FlexIt Justin. FlexItPRO is a platform of ultra-premium trainers who typically work with aless celebrities and the trainers of the stars. So, this is a really special offer. In addition to following these accounts, share FlexIt’s posts about today’s episode on your story and tag FlexIt underscore fitness [FlexIt_fitness] on Instagram.

Again, the accounts to follow are FlexIt underscore fitness [FlexIt_fitness], Austin underscore FlexIt [Austin_FlexIt], and FlexIt Justin, and make sure to share FlexIt’s post about today’s episode to your story and comment and tag FlexIt underscore fitness. [FlexIt_fitness]

Austin Cohen: Thank you for tuning into the latest episode of the first season of Just FlexIt. I’m Austin Cohen.

Justin Turetsky: And I’m Justin Turetsky. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, follow our socials @FlexIt_fitness. And keep up with us online That’s FlexIt.FIT. Thank you.

Host: Austin Cohen (FlexIt Founder & CEO) and Justin Turetsky (Founding Team & COO)

Guest: Terrell Owens & Dale Moss

Producer: Eddie Sanchez

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