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RISE Up: Study Insight

A recent 12-week long study was conducted to determine how multimodal RISE training affects various outcome measures between middle aged men and women throughout different periods of the day. Roughly half the participants exercised in the morning and half in the afternoon. The measures included muscular strength, endurance, body fat, and blood pressure.  (R) – Resistance  (I) – Intervals  (S) – Stretching  (E) – Endurance  At the conclusion of this

Establishing a Routine and Setting a Workout Schedule

Scheduling and setting routines enable one to have the ability to practice time management. This is a relatively understood concept within structures like the workforce, but these fundamental principles can extend to one’s personal life and are especially helpful with establishing workout regimens. Intentionality helps improve motivation and sets one up to get the most out of their personal goals.  Defining a structured approach to fitness and wellness establishes efficient

FLEX Your Mental Health

Self-care is a hot-button topic that continues to gain steam, and supporting one’s mental health is a supremely important overarching theme. Considering that bettering one’s mental health is a broad spectrum, it’s beneficial to seek opportunities that can check multiple boxes. The benefits associated with physical fitness are closely related to improved mental health and wellbeing. Common high-level benefits include: boosting one’s mood, improvements in sleeping patterns, and general support

Top 5 Ways the Pandemic Changed Fitness

Advancement and innovation often strike in the face of adversity. The sentiment is true in both an individual, and in a collective sense. The health and safety risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have fundamentally disrupted how people live in a variety of ways. At the heart of this is the world of fitness. The pandemic directly shifted individualistic approach, and we are here to talk about the top five