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Benefits of Virtual Physical Therapy

Background The COVID-19 pandemic compelled many physical therapists to pivot to Virtual Physical Therapy. Also recognized as “Telehealth Physical Therapy,” the practice is rapidly growing. What is Telehealth Physical Therapy? Rather than traveling for an in-person visit, patients communicate with a physical therapist via phone call or video conference. This especially benefits patients in which physical touch from their PT is not required. Remote physical therapy sessions can be used

Regaining Flexibility After Age 60

Flexibility is an essential component of good health and wellness and is especially important for the senior population. Flexibility enables the unrestricted movement with fluidity. As we age, decreased activity levels can cause muscles and surrounding tissue to become tighter. By becoming more active and doing the proper exercises and movements, one can regain flexibility. Even if you start to feel yourself losing flexibility at a certain point, it is

How to Mend Golf Injuries

Despite golf being less physically straining than most sports, it still puts an enormous amount of stress on our bodies. If you don’t manage your body properly to play golf, then it can cause an injury and one that is recurring if you don’t treat it the right way. Some of the most common golf injuries include “golfer’s elbow,” low back pain, rotator cuff injuries, and IT band syndrome. Golfer’s

Getting Back Into Shape Post Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be the most dramatic body change that women can go through. It’s typical to gain 25-35 pounds throughout a nine-month pregnancy. After, many women are left wondering how to properly get back in shape.  It can take months for your body to fully recover from a pregnancy. It is typical to lose approximately 13 pounds immediately after giving birth and then another 5-15 pounds over the next six

RISE Up: Study Insight

A recent 12-week long study was conducted to determine how multimodal RISE training affects various outcome measures between middle aged men and women throughout different periods of the day. Roughly half the participants exercised in the morning and half in the afternoon. The measures included muscular strength, endurance, body fat, and blood pressure.  (R) – Resistance  (I) – Intervals  (S) – Stretching  (E) – Endurance  At the conclusion of this