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FlexIt Success Story: Featuring Trainer Austin Pogue and Teresa

One of the biggest reasons why people stop exercising and quit their workout routine is because they are bored and not seeing results. It is so important to find the perfect personal trainer for your wants and needs as an individual. Austin Pogue is exactly the perfect personal training match for his client, Teresa.

Teresa knows she has limitations due to injuries and needs her workouts to constantly be changing. Teresa began training with Austin after a few injuries, specifically a spinal fusion in her lower back. Austin conducts their training sessions with enthusiasm, and he told us that what he enjoys most about training with Teresa is “that she is an abundance of happiness each and every session”. We asked Teresa what she enjoys most about her training sessions with Austin, and she replied “he is very professional and is always smiling and kind. What I really like is that if I ask him to concentrate on a particular muscle group that I think needs some work, he will actually do that, and it prevents me from getting bored”.

It is so incredibly important to train with a certified personal trainer who understands your goals and limitations. We are so happy that Austin and Teresa found each other, and we are excited to continue hearing about their success!

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