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What is virtual HIIT?

If you’re looking to sweat and burn those calories, High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, is the workout for you. FlexIt has hundreds of certified trainers from top brands that you know and love.

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Benefits of virtual HIIT Workouts

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training, which is essentially a fancy term for circuits or, even simpler, cardio. In a HIIT workout, you can expect to get your heart rate up for a certain amount of time, followed by a small rest period.

The goal here is to keep you at a “high intensity” level of exercise to boost your conditioning and cardiovascular strength.

  • Helps you slim down, burn calories and build muscle
  • Improves oxygen and blood flow
  • Can lower blood pressure and blood sugar
  • The benefit multiplies with a healthy diet
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Is HIIT right for me?

If you relate to any of the bullets below, HIIT would be your kind of workout.

  • You want to get a good workout under your belt in a short period of time
  • You want to get your sweat on
  • You want to push yourself to your limit
  • You want to work your whole body
  • You like a combination of cardio and strength training

Excited to do a HIIT workout? Book a FlexIt trainer who specializes in it here.

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HIIT on the FlexIt platform

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