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Wellness During the Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is a time often associated with family, fun, and… food! Unfortunately, cuisines during this time can give more scares than comfort. This season is notorious for large quantities of sugar-filled sweets and fatty treats. Fortunately, there are many ways to find balance during the holidays! 

Mixing in Some Nutrition: 3 Tips for the Season 

1 – Be Positive! 

Finding the opportunity to focus on a positive outlook can go a long way this holiday season (and anytime, let’s be honest!). If you fix a plate for yourself, and there are some vegetables on it, be proud of yourself for those veggies! The positive reinforcement will make it more likely that you will add additional veggies to your plate. It’s a better mindset to think about what you can add, versus what you can discard. The holidays can be a mixed bag of fun and freights, but nutrition and fitness can lean towards the fun side more often than not with these helpful tips. 

2 – Stay Hydrated 

The benefits of drinking water are generally understood. Our bodies are largely comprised of water, so we need adequate hydration to survive and properly function. Water also performs essential functions like carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells, normalizing blood pressure, and regulating body temperature. In short, water is important. For the holiday season, however, remaining hydrated enables individuals to not confuse hunger for thirst. 

3 – Plan and Portion 

Don’t limit yourself from what you want to eat, just be intentional. Think about what you want to eat, especially the treats, and portion properly so you can find the balance of comfort. 

Finding Time for Fitness: 3 Tips for the Season 

1 – Create a Plan, and Stick to it

Entering the holidays with the laissez-faire mindset of, “I’ll work out when I feel like it, or when I have time,” is a recipe for disappointment. However, if you are intentional about setting aside time for physical fitness, it is more likely that those workouts will be more focused and better performing. FlexIt has many benefits, one of the most important being accountability.  

2 – Be Creative! 

This is the time to try something new. If cardio is your main source of fitness, switch it up and try some strength training. Using a resource like FlexIt will provide numerous modalities to choose from, and enables creativity for diverse workouts. 

3 – Track Your Fitness and Work Towards a Goal 

Defining an end goal will create opportunities to be proud of the progression on your way to the goal. Tracking will inevitably encourage accountability, and will create opportunities to create new challenges.

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