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The Road to Success: 5 Tips for New Year’s Resolutions

The lead into the New Year is a time for individuals to reflect on their accomplishments from the past year, celebrate their successes, and create actionable goals for improvement. Why do we do this though? In short, it’s tradition baby!

Ancient Babylonians are often pointed to as the first people to make New Year’s resolutions, some 4,000 years ago. They are also recognized as being the first to hold recorded celebrations. The key difference though for them the year began not in January but in mid-March, which signaled the ideal time to plant new crops. This is a great representation of modern-day traditions. The seeds of crops represent the goals we set forth for ourselves. Once these goals are outlined, it’s on us to see them through. 

FlexIt has five tips to not only help set actionable New Year’s Resolutions but also to carry them out to completion. 

Be Specific 

Taking the time to set a specific goal will enable one to follow them more clearly. For example, if the goal is to complete 25 consecutive pushups, one will clearly understand that 22 is three less and that more improvement is required. This differs from a goal stating that someone wants to ‘do a lot of pushups.’ Specific goals lead to clear results! 

Make a Plan 

Make a plan! Sticking with the pushups example, if shoulder and arm strength are lacking, stretches and alternative exercises to increase flexibility, strength, and mobility in those targeted areas will enable one to perform better at this task. 

Start Small, But Think Big 

Thinking small essentially means that micro-goals can help one accomplish the overarching goal. For example, the goal may be to start with five pushups and add a single pushup to that total every two days until the overarching goal of 25 is reached. 

Be Realistic

Set realistic expectations for yourself. If completing pushups is extremely hard for an individual, it would not be wise for the New Year’s Resolution to be set to complete 250 consecutive pushups. This would not be a realistic goal, and one would be disappointed if they fall short (even if falling short meant that they completed some pushups that exceeds the much more manageable 25 goals of pushups). 

Stay Positive 

Arguably the most important tip is to remain positive! Creating a specific goal, setting micro-goals, and starting small with implementation is only possible with positivity. Patience will be a requirement, and patience is only possible with a happy and healthy mindset. One has to believe that one will accomplish their goals, and also feel encouraged when steps are passed along the way. 


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