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SEASON 1 FINALE! Skyler Cohen Joins Just FlexIt™ to Speak on the Health Care Industry

Skyler Cohen is a close friend of the FlexIt community, and has nearly seven years of experience in the healthcare industry, across multiple verticals. This career has inspired Skyler to further pursue the business side of the healthcare industry, specifically in health tech.

In the latest episode of Just FlexIt™, Skyler touches on the importance of telehealth and relates the industry to FlexIt’s platform. Skyler also provides a touching look into her upcoming journey post-graduation from Columbia Business School. 

On the Schedule:

💼 Despite being months away from graduating from Columbia Business School for her MBA, Skyler is already designated as a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), Registered Nurse (RN).

💼 Before enrolling in Columbia Business School, Skyler Cohen previously earned her attended the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her two other degrees.

💼 Skyler has volunteered for the National Psoriasis Foundation, for ten years. 
Host: Justin Turetsky (Founding Team & COO)

Guest: Skyler Cohen

Producer: Eddie Sanchez 

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