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Georges Niang

Georges Niang is a key contributor to the Philadelphia 76ers. Before joining the 76ers, the six-year NBA veteran played with the Utah Jazz for four years after being drafted by the Indiana Pacers. Niang is recognized for his heart and hustle on the court. Beyond making plays that don’t always make the stat sheet, Niang is an elite shooter with a 40% three-point shooting percentage. Fast Break: 🏀  Georges Niang

Dressing for Success in Fitness

Making the active choice to work out is a big move. At times this may seem like a tough decision, but there are methods one can take to enter a workout with the mindset necessary to maximize the benefits. Dressing for a successful workout will not only boost morale but also brings a sense of comfort. This relaxed edge will enable a positive experience, by saving brain power for proper

Austin Cohen & Dale Moss Visit Cheddar

FlexIt Founder & CEO Austin Cohen and newly announced Head of Community Dale Moss joined Cheddar’s “Between Bells” this afternoon. Austin shared insight into the engaging story behind FlexIt, what FlexIt is getting into, and the excitement behind the number one leading Virtual Personal Training Platform. Dale Moss added context to his diversified career as a former NFL athlete, model, actor, and entrepreneur, before happily announcing his new role as

MSG’s Armando Polanco Talks Lacrosse and Life with Just FlexIt™

Armando Polanco is an ex-professional lacrosse player, who played in both the MLL and NLL. He was on three MLL Championship teams with the Philadelphia Barrage. While competing professionally on the field, Polanco was a consummate professional in the workplace with MTV Networks/Viacom, where he excelled with the organization for over twenty years.Armando currently serves as the Vice President, Content Distribution & Affiliate Partnerships for MSG Networks. In the latest

Boston Scott

Boston Scott is a current running back for the Philadelphia Eagles. He joins Jordan Howard and Miles Sanders in their “committee rushing attack.” Boston has a versatile skill set where he is utilized for rushing and receiving the ball. Typical for grinders, Boston Scott also contributes on special teams. His contributions represent his coachability and teamwork, which bode well in the FlexIt community.  In addition to his NFL career, Boston