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Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Pre-workout

Many people turn to using pre-workout supplements to enhance their workout. Preworkout is a multi-ingredient dietary formula that is designed to increase energy and provide nutrients to help adapt and improve athletic performance over time. It is typically a powdered substance that can mix in water before the gym. Despite the intention of pre-workout being a workout enhancer, it does have specific benefits and drawbacks and it is certainly not for everyone.

Pros: The major benefit that pre-workout has to offer is that it can lead to a boost in athletic performance. Additionally, according to a 2018 study on sports nutrition, consumption of pre-workout may positively influence muscular endurance as well as subjective mood. The same study further revealed that pre-workout is relatively safe. Consistent consumption of pre-workout, along with a resistance training program, has revealed beneficial changes in body composition through increased overall mass.

Cons: A common drawback is that pre-workout contains caffeine. While not a problem for most, it can lead to impairment in cardiovascular function and a decrease in sleep. Additionally, pre-workout is only beneficial for certain types of people. Those who are pregnant, children and adolescents, young adults, and people with high blood pressure, underlying heart conditions, or other health problems can be exposed to the negative effects of high caffeine consumption. Therefore, it isn’t worth the risk for these groups to be experimenting with pre-workout. Additionally, the beta-alanine that is in pre-workout can result in a tingling sensation along with some shaking from the high caffeine intake.

The most important thing regarding pre-workout if you are going to experiment, is understanding the best method of intake. It is recommended to use 3-4 times a week, approximately half an hour before you begin your workout. You should never take it within a couple of hours of bedtime as it can impair sleep. 

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