Hailey Birch

Hailey Birch

Elite Training

4 years of experience

About Hailey

Hello! My name is Hailey and I'm a certified personal trainer and registered dietitian. I was born and raised in Madison, WI, and moved to Los Angeles for (you guessed it) better weather. Although I came for the weather, I'm staying for the incredible food here. When I'm not eating my way through the city, I'm probably in the kitchen crafting up some nutritious recipes, which you can find on my social media platforms. I have a passion for helping people create a healthy relationship with food and fuel like athletes, so they can train like athletes. Athletes aren't just born- they are made. As a trainer, I will challenge your mental toughness and make our time together as effective as possible. I will meet YOU where YOU are at! Remember- everyone starts somewhere.


Athletic Performance
Cardio & HIIT
Weight Training
Functional Mobility
Core Training
Form Correction
Nutrition & Diet Management
Weight Loss
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Favorite food

Ice cream

What I'm listening to

Big Bootie Mixes

What I do outside the gym

Eat-- I'm usually hungry

Favorite exercise