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Danni Alderson

Danni Alderson

Elite Training

4 years of experience

About Danni

Hi! I’m an NYC-based, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Trainer at Rumble. I train clients on strength & resistance training as well as high intensity cardio sessions and boxing. I have a background teaching HIIT (bodyweight & weighted) and boxing classes in studios across NYC.

Languages: English


Cardio & HIIT
Core Training
Weight Training
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Mantra to live by

The only time you fail is when you fall down and stay down

Favorite food

Any kind of Mexican food as long as it involves guac and pizza

What I'm listening to

My Spotify is a huge mishmash of genres I go from EDM to Alternative to Rock to Pop all in one playlist on a regular basis.

What I do outside the gym

I love to explore. I travel a lot but not to your usual destinations, I like to find somewhere in the middle of nowhere preferably with a mountain to climb. I also have a puppy so I have very regular cuddle breaks with her in-between clients

Favorite exercise

For strength, I love a dumbbell snatch. To get that heart rate going its gotta be burpees

What clients are saying

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R Swarm
Such a great session with Danni! The session was fast paced with short breaks throughout. Danni was so encouraging the entire time and pushed me to keep going!
client picture
A Steinberg
client picture
J Itzkowitz
client picture
K Frank
Great full body workout. We mixed a bit of shadow boxing with cardio and strength. Really enjoyed the challenge!
client picture
N Lee
Los Angeles
Such an excellent workout! Thank you Danni!
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