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Flexit Success Story: featuring Dolly!

Mothers always prioritize their family, careers, and daily responsibilities before themselves. Dolly, a devoted client of Flexit and a mother of two, embodied this selfless spirit. Last June, exactly a year ago Dolly recognized the need to prioritize her own health and well-being. Similar to many others, she had become predominantly inactive during the pandemic. After enduring over two years of remote work and homeschooling, Dolly was ready to make

The Mental Benefits of Exercise: How Fitness Impacts Your Mind

Exercise is often associated with physical health and maintaining a fit body, but its positive impact extends far beyond the realm of physical well-being. Engaging in regular physical activity can have remarkable effects on your mental state and overall mental well-being. In this article, we will delve into the various mental benefits of exercise, highlighting how fitness impacts your mind and emphasizing the powerful mind-body connection. Stress Reduction: Improved Mood:

Johanna Sapakie (FlexIt PRO® & Trainer of the Stars) featured on Well+Good

Well+Good is a media company dedicated to creating content related to all corners of health and wellness, with a focus on providing “your healthiest relationship.” Trusted, influential, and famously trend-setting, Well+Good defines and demystifies wellness for a growing global community. Well+Good creates a world where wellness is stylish, achievable, and fun—connecting readers with smart, simple ways to add wellness to their lives. Taylor Bell, Sr. Commerce Writer for Well+Good, shared

Alala’s Denise Lee Shares Her Fit on Just FlexIt™

Denise Lee, the founder of Alala, is a 10+ year fashion industry veteran. With experience in marketing, business development, and brand building, she leveraged her expertise into a personal journey while training for a triathlon in 2011, to discover fashion-forward activewear. This journey led her to create a luxury women’s activewear line that reflected the style of contemporary NYC designers that she loved, but with the performance qualities of the

FlexIt Shoutout! Escape Your Limits Podcast

On the latest episode of Escape Your Limits® podcast, host Matthew Januszek, interviewed Peter Jenkins, the Director of Fitness at Blink Fitness among other prominent individuals in the health and wellness space. Jenkins shared his desire to expand Blink’s fitness facilities through consumer research, the importance of having a fantastic team of employees contributing to the retention of memberships, and how affordability plays an essential role for returning customers. Jenkins