It’s time for The Next Rep™ !

Neal and Nelson Spruce Join Just FlexIt™ to Talk Bodybuilding, Football, and the Fitness Industry

The newest episode of the Just FlexIt™ podcast is here featuring Neal and Nelson Spruce, a father-son duo making waves in the fitness industry. Neal, a former top US bodybuilder, pioneered the first gym nutrition program, “Nutritionalysis,” in the ’80s, owned NASM, and currently leads dotFIT, an evidence-based fitness programming company. Nelson, Neal’s son, brings his impressive background as a former NFL wide receiver, and now holds the role of

Flexit Success Story: featuring Dolly!

Mothers always prioritize their family, careers, and daily responsibilities before themselves. Dolly, a devoted client of Flexit and a mother of two, embodied this selfless spirit. Last June, exactly a year ago Dolly recognized the need to prioritize her own health and well-being. Similar to many others, she had become predominantly inactive during the pandemic. After enduring over two years of remote work and homeschooling, Dolly was ready to make