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FlexIt Receives Another Recognition

Forbes Health has included FlexIt in their list of the Best Personal Trainer Apps of 2022! This is another huge accomplishment for the team and community. FlexIt continues to make users’ health a priority by offering customizable and convenient Health and Wellness Virtual Personal Training, and it’s clear why FlexIt ranks as one of the best personal wellness apps.  At A Glance: 2021 “Most Innovative Product of 2021” Innovation & Tech Today

Forbes Feature: Arlo Hotels Celebrate Fitness Both In-Room And Outdoors

Flexit and Arlo Hotels have a unique partnership centered around improving the fitness commitment for Arlo Hotels guests. For full details on FlexIt’s offerings to Arlo Hotels, check out the full press release here. It’s safe to say that this partnership is gaining steam in the airwaves. Forbes travel contributor, Rana Good, shared their glowing perspective on this partnership. Catch the full piece titled, Arlo Hotels Celebrate Fitness Both In-Room

Lessons Learned On Pivoting Your Business During Challenging Times

Austin Cohen (Founder & CEO of FlexIt) The world of business is a harsh one. Businesses take aim at issues, offer their best solutions and directly compete with others attempting to do the same. As such, preparation is key. This is the foundation of business; it’s the work that doesn’t necessarily reach the surface that sets the course for the journey. The world is unpredictable, though, and ensuring you have