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FlexIt’s Mothers Day Client Spotlight

Meet Nancy Feinstein from the FlexIt community! She shared her experience using FlexIt.

What do you enjoy about your FlexIt experience?

I have been training with Austin Pogue, twice a week for almost two years and this is the most consistent I have ever been with a workout. Flexit makes it so easy to schedule, no “back and forth” with texts, phone calls, etc., you can see your trainer’s schedule in real-time. No time is wasted getting ready to go to the gym, traveling, and waiting for your trainer if their prior client was late, Austin is always on time. The FlexIt app must provide its trainers with organizational tools and attract fabulous trainers because Austin is always prepared! He knows my weight lifting progression, which body parts are up next, and keeps track of it all. At 59 years old, I have never been in better shape!

What are your goals, long and short term?

My short-term and long-term goals are aligned, I want to build muscle and maintain my current weight. If I dropped a couple of pounds, I wouldn’t be mad!

What is your preferred workout? Which trainers/training styles do you like and why?

Austin often does interval training which includes sets of intermittent cardio during the weight training. It makes the workout much more difficult but it burns more fat and I feel great afterward.

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