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Christian Ponder, Former NFL Quarterback & co-Founder of The Post, Joins Just FlexIt™

In a captivating episode of the Just FlexIt™ podcast, we sit down with none other than Christian Ponder – the former NFL starting quarterback turned entrepreneur. From making passes on the football field to making impactful business plays, Christian’s journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and transition. Join us as we explore the highs, the challenges, and the inspiration behind his evolution from NFL stardom to

Bruce Smith, Founder and CEO of Hydrow Joins Just FlexIt™

Today, we have an extraordinary treat for you in the world of wellness and innovation. In this riveting episode of Just FlexIt™, we delve into the captivating journey of Bruce Smith, a lifelong entrepreneur, esteemed U.S. National Team Rowing Coach, and the ingenious Founder & CEO of Hydrow, the Live Outdoor Reality rower that’s revolutionizing the fitness landscape. A Visionary’s Quest: A Connection through Rowing If there’s one thing that

Sebastien Lagree, Inventor, Founder and CEO of Lagree Fitness Joins Just FlexIt™

Sebastien Lagree is a revolutionary fitness professional who is highly respected across the industry. Lagree, the Inventor, Founder, and CEO of Lagree Fitness, developed the Proformer to be paired with his method in 2006. Since then, Lagree has invented the Megaformer, the Supra, the EVO, and the EVO II. Lagree is the only person in the United States to hold patents on fitness equipment and a fitness method, currently holds

James Scott Joins Just FlexIt™ to Discuss Fitness, Entreneurship and Building a Career Around the NBA

Another amazing episode of Just FlexIt™ is live! Justin Turetsky was joined by James Scott, one of the most respected trainers in professional basketball. His basketball training career began with the Houston Rockets, where he eventually worked for Yao Ming’s Shanghai Sharks. Today, oversees the fitness regimen of Jimmy Butler, the “Fittest Man in the NBA” (Men’s Health), who is having an incredible run in the 2023 NBA playoffs. Don’t

Serial Wellness Entrepreneur, Amanda Freeman, Joins Just FlexIt™ To Discuss Her Journey Towards Launching SLT and Stretch*d

Another amazing episode of Just FlexIt™ is live! Austin Cohen and Justin Turetsky were joined by Amanda Freeman, Founder and CEO of SLT and Co-founder and CEO Stretch*d. Amanda is a trailblazer in the health and wellness space and has spent the past 17 years of her career building brands that have revolutionized the fitness industry. Amanda began her career in NYC as a trend forecaster, conducting various types of