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Best Personal Trainer Apps

Forbes Health has included FlexIt in their list of the Best Personal Trainer Apps Of 2022! Since early 2020, fitness and wellness app downloads have skyrocketed. FlexIt was picked by Forbes Health because of the flexibility it offers to users. From being able to choose from a variety of plans, and access to hundreds of experienced trainers, it is clear why FlexIt ranks as one of the best personal wellness apps.

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Arlo Hotels give you the chance to workout Wherever, Whenever™

“That’s where Arlo Hotels’ new FlexIt partnership comes in handy giving you the chance to work out in-room whenever you please. The workouts require minimal space and are with some world-class trainers to push you forward within the comfort of your room. And there aren’t just in-room fitness offerings at Arlo Hotels, with the warmer weather here you can also enjoy outdoor classes.”

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Jason Terry: from NBA champion to mentor and businessman

“It was just how passionate the owner and CEO Austin Cohen was about FlexIt, its platform, its mission, and its purpose. His core values and the company’s core values align with mine, and that’s just caring about people, physical health and wellness, being the best version of yourself. So when those three things aligned for me, it was a no-brainer.”

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Best home training apps: Most personalized

“Forget premade workouts. Train live with a trainer via a Zoom-style interface in a fully interactive one-on-one session that lets the trainer correct your form in real time–or motivate you to sweat a bit harder. $37 and up”

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Best Fitness Apps and Streaming Platforms to Get Fit From Home

“Hook up with virtual personal trainers from 3,000 gyms across the country, including Blink, Gold’s, Physique 57, and more. (You don’t need to be a member of any studio to use the platform.) You’ll train with a trainer over video in a customized workout tailored to your goals.”

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I tried the FlexIt app that brings a virtual personal trainer to your living room

“With hundreds of instructors from hundreds of gyms and fitness studios, the sky’s the limit! I really liked that I could sign up for a same-day session with trainers across the country with various backgrounds. Whether you’re looking for a dance workout or a traditional personal-training session, the instructors have already been vetted and really know their stuff.”

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FlexIt CEO on the Future of Virtual Fitness

“Austin Cohen, CEO and Founder, FLEXIT, joins 'Cheddar Innovates' to discuss its new FlexIt PRO program where you can workout with world-class trainers that have worked with celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Sophia Vergara, Miley Cyrus and so much more.”

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FlexIt’s Head of Training & Innovation: Virtual Training Is Here to Stay

“Finding virtual solutions became a pivot of necessity for athletes, teams and leagues at the onset of the pandemic. Trainers in particular are still reeling from a reduction of in-person training sessions, even among their wealthiest clients. Dedicating a few hours a week to FlexIt, they’re able to supplement their in-person training incomes and expand their client base to new time zones while taking on more business as they hop from one meeting to the next in a virtual space. Gyms can also benefit by having their trainers offer sessions and hedge against the uncertainties of the in-person sweat business.”

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Three Things that Jennifer Lopez’s Trainer Taught Me About Glutes

When looking to strengthen the glutes, endless squats or jumping lunges is not the only answer. Well+Good highlights these three key takeaways, after taking a virtual personal session with FlexItPRO trainer Johanna Sapakie, that will help build strong muscles. Check out these tips from Jennifer Lopez’s personal trainer!

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Making Fitness Accessible To Everyone

“Flexlt is a virtual personal training platform offering one-on-one live sessions with certified personal trainers. Its mission is to make fitness more accessible. Austin has broad-based experience in strategy, business development, finance, and capital raising. He’s worked across the consumer health & wellness, sports, entertainment, transportation, and technology verticals. Over the years, he has developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Therabody, DoorDash, American Express, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, among others.”

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Dale Moss on Fitness Accountability With FlexIt

“I’ve been on the road, definitely, over half of the year, and for me, one of the most important things is accountability. Knowing that wherever I’m at, I can at least stay on a routine or at least have access to good knowledge. So FlexIt’s helped me tremendously in one of the busiest years of my life.”

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5 Best Training Apps: Tested and Rated

“The issue with most apps: Nobody’s actually watching your form. So you can round your back on your deadlifts or rush through your child’s-pose cooldown. BEST OPTION: FlexIt, which connects you directly to a trainer for a live one-on-one session. This means you have somebody watching you every move via a FaceTime-like interface that’s tailored for training. And when your form is off, your trainer can screenshot a frame of your move and telestrate the corrections to you instantly.”

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I've Been Working Out With a Virtual Personal Trainer, and It Helps Keep Me Accountable

“Virtual personal training has been a game changer for me. I have no trouble dedicating 30 minutes to a workout, and I appreciate having the accountability from my trainer. While I still don't love working out, FlexIt makes sneaking in some exercise pretty painless, and it doesn't take too much time away from my work or family. It was exactly what I needed to get out of my rut.”

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FlexIt Brings a New Personal Training Twist to Home Training

"While live-streaming group workouts have become the norm, where FlexIt veers from its competitors is with its development of an advanced one-on-one trainer-client interaction feature. Can’t seem to master a kettlebell swing? FlexIt allows trainers the ability to help correct each client’s form with a diagram tool in which any type of adjustments can be drawn up, with the client viewing each tweak on his device.”

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Bringing Wellness, Fitness to the Co-Working Industry

“FlexIt, the pay-as-you-go gym app connecting users with fitness clubs. The company announced a new partnership with Theragun, a device for deep muscle treatment. Austin Cohen, CEO and founder of FlexIt, joined Cheddar to discuss the goal of the partnership.”

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