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FlexIt Ask a Trainer: Chris Pabon Offers His Take on High-reps/low weight

Chris Pabon is an elite FlexIt trainer who is AAPT certified. Chris prioritizes goal setting and goal accomplishment for his clients. In the eighth installment of FlexIt: Ask a Trainer, Chris Pabon busts myths and offers insight into these two best practices. Is a high-rep, low-weight workout better than a low-rep, high-weight workout? What are the benefits of each? Chris offers his take on the matter!

FlexIt: Ask a Trainer – Johanna Sapakie – Training Like a Celeb

Johanna Sapakie is a FlexIt PRO Virtual Personal Trainer and Trainer of the Stars. Johanna has worked with stars like Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez, on both the movie Hustlers and her famed Super Bowl Halftime show. She has also worked on high-profile projects like Dancing With the Stars… Madonna: The Confessions Tour… Michael Jackson ONE Birthday Celebration… the newest Cirque Du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, and much

FlexIt at Arlo Hotels!

Earlier this year, FlexIt joined Arlo Hotels as an Official Well + Fit Partner. Dedicated to providing Virtual Personal Training and Nutrition Wherever, Whenever®, FlexIt is helping Arlo Hotels guests stay accountable when it comes to their commitments to fitness. Courtesy of FlexIt and the partnership, guests who stay at any of the Arlo properties will have access to exclusive in-room workout content, such as yoga and Pilates sculpt, filmed