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Natalie Holloway, Co-founder of Bala, Joins Just FlexIt™

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Episode Description
Natalie Holloway stands at the forefront of innovation in the wellness and fitness industry as the co-founder of Bala, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people move and engage with fitness.

Bala champions the philosophy that form and function should seamlessly coexist, emphasizing that fashion and fitness are intertwined. This approach underscores Natalie's commitment to redefining the fitness landscape, where design serves to inspire movement and enhance overall well-being.

Bala's ascent in the industry reached new heights when the company was featured on Shark Tank, showcasing Natalie Holloway's entrepreneurial prowess and the innovative spirit of her venture. Through Bala, Natalie continues to shape the future of fitness by creating functional gym equipment that resonates with a diverse audience, further solidifying her reputation as a trailblazer in the wellness and fitness sector.

In this episode of Just FlexIt™ , Natalie Holloway joins the FlexIt team to chat about her journey with Bala, including being featured on Shark Tank. She then dives into new advancements with her brand and touches on what followers can look forward to in 2024.

You won't want to miss this fantastic episode of Just FlexIt™ featuring Natalie Holloway!
Portrait of Natalie Holloway Natalie Holloway
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