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Bart Johnson, Actor, Writer & Director Joins Just FlexIt™

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Episode Description
Bart Johnson is an Actor, Writer, and Director, best known for his role as Coach Bolton in the "High School Musical" franchise. Bart has worked in the industry for thirty-plus years and has found success as an actor in both television and film.
Bart's journey as an actor hasn't always been an easy one. Leaving college to work towards his dream, Johnson has a career filled with triumphs and struggles that are all too common across the industry as it relates to auditions and callbacks.

In this episode of Just FlexIt™,, Bart Johnson dives into the successes and hardships he has had to deal with as an actor and he touches on relevant details about the industry at large. He shares information about the latest projects he has worked on, how fitness and FlexIt have played a positive role in his life, and how dealing with rejection is the norm across the industry as an actor.

Make sure to catch this episode about Bart Johnson's career journey. You won't want to miss this episode that is filled with his infectious personality.
Portrait of Bart Johnson Bart Johnson
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