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James Scott Joins Just FlexIt™ to Discuss Fitness, Entreneurship and Building a Career Around the NBA

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Episode Description

Another amazing episode of Just FlexIt™ is live! Justin Turetsky was joined by James Scott, one of the most respected trainers in professional basketball. His basketball training career began with the Houston Rockets, where he eventually worked for Yao Ming's Shanghai Sharks. Today, oversees the fitness regimen of Jimmy Butler, the "Fittest Man in the NBA" (Men's Health), who is having an incredible run in the 2023 NBA playoffs. Don't miss a fantastic episode where Justin and James discuss the motivation and dedication necessary for James' successful career. Listen to the episode via the link below! Don't forget to like, subscribe and rate Just FlexIt™.

Hosts: Austin Cohen (Founder & CEO) and Justin Turetsky (Founding Team & COO)

Guest: James Scott

Producer: FlexIt

Portrait of James Scott James Scott
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