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Milestone Stories

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Dawn, 40
Morgantown, WV

Dawn came to us because she wanted to lose weight in advance of her daughter’s wedding. We put her on a plan with a trainer that has seen her lose weight and feel better than ever.

Experience Level:

New to fitness

Fitness Goal:

Be fit and dance at her daughter's wedding

Workout Preferences:

Weight loss with a supportive trainer

Jack, 35
Los Angeles, CA

Jack came to us with a goal of losing weight. We put him on a once-a-week plan with one of our expert trainers along with the resources he needed to train solo the rest of the week. Because of VPT, Jack is currently 60 pounds into his weight loss journey.

Experience Level:

Some fitness experience

Fitness Goal:

Lose weight and get strong!

Workout Preferences:

Bodyweight and shadow boxing with an emphasis on core strengthening and cardio shakeups

Noreen, 40
Toronto, ON

Noreen came to us looking to stay healthy after her neighborhood gym closed. We matched her with yoga and pilates trainers to support her in meeting her fitness goals.

Experience Level:

Some fitness experience

Fitness Goal:

Stay healthy and mobile

Workout Preferences:

Strength training

LaRhonda, 47
Chicago, IL

LaRhonda came to us because she needed accountability and motivation to work out. She wanted to lose weight, gain definition, and get stronger. So far she has lost 16 pounds and her clothes are definitely fitting better.

Experience Level:

Some fitness experience

Fitness Goal:

Lose weight, gain definition, and get stronger

Thousands of
5-star reviews

"One thing I’ve really gotten back is my self-confidence."

You’ve got something going on that’s special. You guys are personal. That’s the difference, that’s the key. The customer service is unmatched.

Dawn - West Virginia

"It keeps you feeling younger! It’s a good feeling."

One thing I will say is that I originally came into it with the goal of losing weight, and now with FlexIt, I’ve assessed my goals to not just be about the scale and weight loss, but to be about strength and whole body health.

Jack - Los Angeles

"I recommend FlexIt to everyone!"

I have achieved better overall physical and mental health through utilizing FlexIt Virtual Personal Training. I have been able to prioritize these two important aspects of my life by utilizing FlexIt and I am very grateful for all of the trainers and employees for making this platform available during such a difficult year.

Becca - New York

"I feel significantly stronger and I enjoy the personal connection with my trainer"

I look forward to training every time and I have gained a great trainer and friend. This is much different than when I used to do workout classes as the classes were far more impersonal.

Cathi - Tucson

"I keep getting stronger. "

FlexIt offers so many different styles of workouts and trainers with various backgrounds, so it was really easy to test out a few in order to find what worked for me. It's also a great way to work in different kinds of workouts, all in one place!

Amanda - New York

"Go FlexIt, GO!"

At 70 you can never do enough to stay fit. When I started with FlexIt in September 2020, my goal was to improve my core strength, and Helen convinced me quickly to add balance as an important goal. With her and FlexIt's help, I've made a lot of progress on both goals.

Uli - Miami

"I feel encouraged and attend more closely to my routine."

I’m 61 years old and my trainer is easily able to design an appropriate program for me. I have the added benefit of having significantly increased my cardio. She pays careful attention to my movements and increases the strength in a reasonable way as well as varying the routine regularly. She encourages, supports, and gently pushes me.

Noreen - Toronto

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the personal trainers?

Our personal trainers come from the top brands in the fitness space. We partner with Blink Fitness, Gold’s Gym, [solidcore], SLT, New York Sports Club, 24 Hour Fitness, and more!

How do I find the right trainer for me?

We match you with the perfect trainer for you and your goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, zen out, or just try something new and fun, we got your back. With over 20 fitness brands and hundreds of trainers on our platform, we know we can find the right fit for you.

Will my trainer contact me before my session?

Absolutely! After you book your Virtual Personal Training session, you’ll get an email introducing you to your trainer. You can reply to the email letting your trainer know if you have any injuries, goals, or questions about the session.

What about canceling or rescheduling?

You can cancel or reschedule your session with no charge as long as it’s 12 hours or more before your session.

I’m recovering from an injury or have a health condition. Can I still train?

Absolutely! There is no better (and safer) way to recover from an injury than with the help of a certified virtual trainer. They can ensure that you stay safe and are able to recover optimally.

Does FlexIt offer more than just personal training?

Of course! We have a holistic suite of wellness offerings geared at making sure that you look and feel your best. From dieticians to mediation experts to yogis, FlexIt is here for all of your wellness needs.

What if I am from outside the United States? Does it cost more for me?

Nope! We have users all over the world, including Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia and South America.

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