Danii Zip

Danii Zip


1 year of experience

About Danii

Hi fam, Danii here! My passion for fitness started 7 years ago in college and hasn't stopped since. I'm NASM certified & coach at [solidcore] in NYC. Having struggled with actually enjoying a workout myself, I love helping clients realize that moving their body isn’t something they HAVE to do, but something they GET to do. I’m high energy & I’ll push you to your limits, but I promise we’ll have fun doing so. Looking forward to meeting you all, see you on the big screen!


Cardio & HIIT
Weight Training
Form Correction
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Mantra to live by

You'll never know unless you try

Favorite food


What I'm listening to

I listen to anything from Billy Joel to Major Lazer

What I do outside the gym

Listening to music or watching trash tv

Favorite exercise

I love a nice bulgarian split squat ;)