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The FlexIt Story

It all started with a mission: to make fitness accessible to everyone. No obstacles, no difficulty, no excuses. Just a seamless, non-intimidating, and empowering experience. In 2018, we stepped in to break down barriers and foster a healthier world. The concept was simple. Enable users to visit gyms across the country using their phones and only pay for the time they spend working out. No tour, no paperwork, no need to

Establishing a Routine and Setting a Workout Schedule

Scheduling and setting routines enable one to have the ability to practice time management. This is a relatively understood concept within structures like the workforce, but these fundamental principles can extend to one’s personal life and are especially helpful with establishing workout regimens. Intentionality helps improve motivation and sets one up to get the most out of their personal goals.  Defining a structured approach to fitness and wellness establishes efficient

Charles Way Joins Just FlexIt™ to Talk About Life in the NFL

Charles Way is a former NFL Fullback for the New York Giants, who totaled over 2,254 all-purpose yards and scored fourteen touchdowns in his professional career.  After a five-year career, Way joined the New York Giants’ front office as the Director of Player Development, where he held that role for fourteen and a half years. Charles Way went on to work for the NFL league office for two years as

Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd is a star that shined bright for women’s soccer. In a career that lasted over twenty years, Carli earned honors that include two CONCACAF Championships, two World Cups, and two Olympic Gold Medals, among other team and individual awards.  Lloyd is recognized for her work ethic, determination, and mental strength. Lloyd developed into one of the best soccer players in the world after being criticized early in her

FLEX Your Mental Health

Self-care is a hot-button topic that continues to gain steam, and supporting one’s mental health is a supremely important overarching theme. Considering that bettering one’s mental health is a broad spectrum, it’s beneficial to seek opportunities that can check multiple boxes. The benefits associated with physical fitness are closely related to improved mental health and wellbeing. Common high-level benefits include: boosting one’s mood, improvements in sleeping patterns, and general support