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Amy’s Inspiring Journey Back to the Slopes: A FlexIt Success Story

“I was lucky enough to be paired with the most amazing trainer in the world, Chris Pabon.” This is a direct quote from one of FlexIt’s loyal clients, Amy Shantz. Amy’s fitness journey began before she joined FlexIt. Before FlexIt, Amy injured her knee and was told by numerous medical professionals that she would need surgery, a few suggested a total knee replacement. In addition to her injured knee, Amy fell and displaced her wrist and would need two surgeries. 

At this point, Amy left her Personal Trainer and turned to FlexIt for help. Insert the fabulous Chris Pabon! During their first initial session in March 2021, Chris evaluated Amy’s injuries and reviewed her short and long term goals. Amy’s short term goal was to be able to walk her three dogs on uneven surfaces and hike in the woods. Her long term goal, which she felt was out of reach, would be able to ski downhill again. Amy stated “I could hardly walk and had only had one of my two wrist surgeries by this time. In short, I was a mess.” Chris was up for the challenge!

Chris started Amy off slow and together they worked towards Amy’s goals. Amy explained her progression and said “I still remember my first time doing curtsey lunges – I had to hold on to the wall for balance. In a few weeks, I was able to do them on my own, and a few weeks later I was holding weights!” Her first hike was in August of 2021 and walking her three dogs followed shortly after. Amy exclaimed “I think they were the happiest of all!”

With Chris’ guidance and routine workouts, Amy was ready to hit the slopes again. She booked a ski trip for December 2021. They worked together on Amy’s strength and mobility. Amy skied for four straight days. “Without FlexIt, NONE of this would have been possible!” said Amy. When Chris was asked about Amy’s fitness journey he stated, “Amy came in with consistency, even on days when she wasn’t 100%. Showing up is sometimes the hardest part of the workout, but it’s always better when you show up with a friend!” It is safe to say that Amy and Chris have a bright Fitness Future together!

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