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Alexis Wolfe, aka NYC Date Nite, Joins Just FlexIt

Alexis Wolfe is a dating guru and the Founder of NYCDATENITE. NYCDATENITE is a trendy source for places to take your date, while also serving as a guide to enjoying a night out with friends, and everything in between.

She uses her since expanded to use her expertise to help her audience navigate through the dating world. In April 2022, Alexis launched DATENITE, where she dives into her personal dating experiences, and answers dating questions that all can enjoy.

In the latest episode of Just FlexIt™, Alexis Wolfe shares how she got NYCDATENITE and DATENITE started. She also shares her love for fitness, and how FlexIt helps her stay accountable. 

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📱At the start of her career as an influencer, Alexis Wolfe moonlighted as a preschool teacher! 🍎

📱On Instagram, NYCDATENITE has over 84,000 followers! 😮

📱 Check out NYCEDATENITE for fantastic food recommendations, her ‘favorites,’ and her blog. 📝

Host: Justin Turetsky (Founding Team & COO) & Sydney Dymond 

Guest: Alexis Wolfe

Producer: Eddie Sanchez

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