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Frequently Asked Questions


FlexIt is a mobile-based solution that enables users to pay only for the time they use at partner gym facilities. FlexIt offers gym-goers the flexibility that they expect, while enhancing profitability for fitness clubs. Check out some of our media attention to hear what people are saying about us:
The process is simple, seamless, and paperfree!
  1. Log into the app and find gym partners near your location (at unbeatable rates)
  2. Check into the gym by scanning the QR code found at the front desk paper free
  3. Show your phone to the front desk with the active timer running. You can say, “I am here with FlexIt!” Work out for however long you want
  4. End your workout by scanning the same QR code, which stops the timer
  5. Pay only for the time that you were working out.
Check out this demonstration to see the process in action!

FlexIt provides access to a nationwide network of thousands of gyms. Users can access the gyms and all associated amenities without pre-booking. FlexIt does not charge you a membership fee so you can freely try clubs and make decisions your way! Our gym partners come in all shapes and sizes. You can use the in-app search filter to find the perfect gym for you -- one with a basketball court, one with a sauna, or one with a swimming pool!

FlexIt is perfect for many situations! Our users love the idea of only paying for time used as a way to get their fitness back on track. They also love having the ability to try different gyms and changing up their routine. Some of our users are always on the go and appreciate having gym access in different cities all over the country. Our users love the flexibility they get with FlexIt!
FlexIt is constantly expanding, signing in our current markets as well as in new markets. Sign up for our mailing list for updates about new gyms near you!
You can request a club be added to the network using the request a gym tab on the FlexIt site
FlexIt’s rates are by-the-minute. Studio classes are fixed rates by the class. You can find the rate for each gym in-app, right on the homepage. Rates vary across chains, and within chains, but our goal is to provide our users with the lowest possible rates for every gym.

To cater to our users’ varying schedules and preferences, we have introduced a newdynamic pricing feature in our app. When a gym is less busy than usual, we will offer special, “off-peak” pricing discounts to encourage our users to work out for less! You can check out the pricing of gyms, by hour, by clicking on the gym within the app.

We do not do surge pricing. Dynamic pricing will never increase the price of a gym during “peak” busy times. Instead, we will only discount the price of a gym when it is less crowded for our users!

Nope! There is no membership or subscription payment required to use FlexIt. You will only pay for the time you use, so if you don’t feel like working out for a while, you will not pay anything!


Yes, your friend must simply download the FlexIt mobile-app and create an account. Best of all, you can refer your friend to FlexIt using your unique referral code found in the app. When he or she signs up for FlexIt using your code, you will each earn $10 in workout credits – give a workout, get a workout.
FlexIt enables users to work out where they want, when they want (so long as the gym is open). Check the more information tab in any gym app page for special instructions about class sign up or other best practices, if relevant.
Yes! Our loyalty program rewards you for working out with FlexIt. For every hour you work out with FlexIt, we’ll give you $1 in free workout credits so that you can continue to exceed your goals! You can always check out your progress in the app –- just head on over to the “View Rewards” page.

We have added a wallet within the app so that you can plan ahead and pre-pay for future workouts. After completing a workout, FlexIt will automatically pull dollars from your wallet before charging your credit card (as long as you have enough credits in your wallet to cover the workout, your credit card will not be charged).

The best part is that we will reward you for pre-loading your wallet – up to 40% in free credits. Check out the “Wallet” page inside of the app to learn more.

At the end of every workout, you will be able to rate your experience and provide feedback to the gym and to FlexIt.
There is a “Workout History” page that will record this automatically, in addition to total hours logged, average workout time and most frequented gym.


FlexIt gives you access to certified personal trainers whom you can book for at-home trainings. These trainings vary in length and are held virtually through integrated video conferencing software. For more information, see our Virtual Personal Training page.
You can book via the FlexIt website where you can see the available trainers from the available FlexIt partner fitness brands. Schedules will soon be available within the FlexIt mobile app.
FlexIt strives to bring affordable in-home personal training. Prices vary by trainer and by length of training session.
FlexIt has partnered with several established gyms to give you access to their network of certified personal trainers. Every trainer is accredited and well qualified to provide you the best advice and workouts tailored to you. These trainers are highly trained and certified and have been vetted by the world’s leading fitness brands.
This is truly a one-on-one, personalized experience. The trainer is dedicated to you for the entire time and will work to help create a program tailored for you. Rather than following along with others, you will get a highly personalized experienced to motivate you and build structure around your goals.
All different times are available. Check out https://flexit.fit/virtualptbooking for more information.
Yes! The training is virtual and therefore independent of your location. Workout Wherever, Whenever™.
No problem! The trainer will help you figure out what everyday items you canuse to create resistance and can make recommendations on things you may want to purchase. You will be surprised what a great workout you can get with common household items if you do not have weights or bands.


No problem! The front desk staff can manually check you in and out using the e-mail address that you used to create your FlexIt account.
Don’t worry! FlexIt has offline resiliency - the app continues to run and function after you have checked in even if your phone dies. All you need to do is tell the Front desk that your phone died on your way out and a staff member will manually check you out.
The best way to clock time accurately to scan out to end each workout. If you do forget to check out, then contact us here or send is a message on livechat.
Contact FlexIt at support@flexit.fit and our team will resolve any issue right away!