How to Find a Personal Trainer Near Me

This is the most common question we get asked, and we have an answer you may not expect

Map showing personal trainers on a map with a pin

The days of being limited to a trainer that works out of a gym near you are over. It took longer than expected, but the fitness industry finally caught up to all the rest and is leveraging online connectivity more than ever before. If you can order a car or a house online, you can definitely get an effective workout during a live one-on-one session with a trained professional.

Since you don’t have to find a trainer near you, what else should you consider? Here’s a some more answers to get you started.

Should I pick a trainer from my city?

While some of our users prefer to train with someone in their area there is no need. We offer best-in-class trainers that are thoroughly vetted to ensure you get the best possible treatment and get you to your goals. Since we are not limited to certain regions, we have the ability to only select the best. With trainers in all time zones we can better serve our customers’ needs, no matter what they are.

Can I afford online personal training?

If you could afford in-person training, you can not only afford virtual personal training, but you can save significantly. By making a virtual connection we are able to save our users money while providing an even better experience. No more commuting, waiting, or gym memberships required. What’s more, our trainers work 100% with the equipment you have on hand so you don’t need to purchase new and expensive gear or machines.

I don’t have a home gym, can I still get a good workout with a virtual personal trainer?

FlexIt has never and will never require any specific equipment. It is designed to be inclusive and accessible, and we do it without sacrificing results. Bodyweight exercises have been proven time and again to be as effective as resistance / weight training and all of our trainers are fully versed on how to use them effectively.
I DO have a weight set / Treadmill / Thighmaster... can I use that?
Yes! While no equipment is required, we will use anything you have on hand (within reason) to supplement your workout. No dumbells? Fill up a milk jug, pick up a jump rope at the grocery store? Let’s do some sets.

What are the 3 biggest advantages to virtual personal training over in-person?

number one Workouts are 100% customized to you and your needs. Have a shoulder injury? No problem. Want to target belly fat? You got it. Want to do Dance on Monday, Yoga on Tuesday, and Strength training on Friday? Easy. You would have to spend months finding your own trainers with all of the skills we give you access to with a click of a button.
number two No commutes! Log in a minute before your session begins and you’re there. Once you’re done you’re right back into your day. No driving required.
number three Take your trainer literally anywhere. An in-person trainer won’t go on that business trip with you, but with FlexIt you won’t miss a bit and slow down your progress.
To summarize
There are benefits of having a person face to face but we have blurred the lines and taken the best part of what makes personal training affordable and available to so many people that weren’t able to take advantage of it before. What’s more is we cut the things no one enjoys, like spending a ton, commuting to the gym.
Most people have a hard time losing weight or getting into the kind of shape they want. It’s not easy and there are no shortcuts. The missing piece is often having the accountability, expert knowledge and motivation from someone who knows you, and what you are trying to accomplish.